Salary Trends Across Investment Banking — Up, Down or Flat?

When it comes to salaries, there’s no denying that investment banking sits right near the top. There’s a reason why so many younger workers are willing to put up with arduous hours and relentless competition. Compensation, in the form of salaries and bonuses, is a powerful magnet for the industry. Yet, like in any other […]

How to Get through a Long Recruiting Process

When you’re pursuing a job in the banking industry, the recruiting process is often a lengthy one. In recent years, employers have added new hurdles to clear in the hiring process, including phone screenings and skills and personality tests. According to one recent survey, the standard job interview process has expanded to an average of 23 days […]

Top Five Non-Investment Banking Jobs at an Investment Bank

When most people hear the words “investment bank,” certain associations immediately spring to mind. Namely, overworked young bankers struggling to keep senior bankers happy, or pressure-filled senior bankers struggling to keep clients happy. Yet an investment bank has a lot more to offer prospective employees in terms of a career path. Let’s take a look […]

What Can You Really Earn on Wall Street? The Truth May Surprise You.

When it comes to word association, “Wall Street” and “money” go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether through news stories about millionaire bankers or popular representations in TV or film, Wall Streeters and big salaries are always linked. Yet how much does your typical analyst, banker or executive really earn? Do their salaries and […]

The Benefits of Career Coaching

One need look no further than professional sports to see the competitive advantage attached to good coaching. The best coaches generally deliver superior results, and are subsequently highly sought after and incredibly well-compensated. Coaching on a personal level offers many of the same benefits. We often turn to fitness coaches to help us get in […]

What’s Life Really Like on Wall Street?

Masters of the universe. One percenters. Titans of industry. There’s no shortage of hyperbolic descriptions for Wall Street’s elite. Yet is that what life’s truly like for most bankers and traders? Is it all 80-hour weeks and bottle service on the weekend? Or have times changed? Let’s take a look at what it’s really like […]

Gearing Up for Fall Recruiting in a Post-Brexit, High Uncertainty World

It’s hardly unusual for prospective investment bankers to get a bit anxious or nervous during recruiting season. The uncertainty that comes with waiting to launch your career can cause a fair amount of trepidation — even under optimal employment conditions. And as anyone who follows the news can attest, global conditions are hardly optimal. Politics […]

Six Reasons Why Your Resume or CV Isn’t Getting a Response

Many of us are familiar with the following scenario:  A dream job opens. You furiously update and polish your resume or CV to a high gloss. The grammar is pristine; the content is compelling. Everything seems perfect when you hit submit. Then, radio silence. Days, then weeks pass. No follow up e-mail. No phone call. Your resume is languishing in virtual oblivion, […]

A Yahoo! Story – Will The Company Turn Itself Around?

In its prime, Yahoo! was one of the most visible and recognizable names associated with the internet. Without Google and other indexed search engines, Yahoo! was an unstoppable force that once paid 5.7 billion dollars or 100 times its annual revenue for, a company that never made profits. At its peak in January 2000, […]

The Top Talents/Skills that Make Finance Recruiters Take Notice

We all want to make ourselves as appealing as possible to hiring managers. Yet it’s not always easy to divine the formula for optimal attraction. We can, however, make some educated guesses. And one simple yet clever way to determine what interests finance recruiters is to track what they’re searching for in resume and CV databases. That’s the idea behind this […]